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About Us

“The only way to do great work is to love what you do.” Steve Jobs


At Full Tilt, we embody the idea of love what you do. Food is a universal connection that everyone can understand – each with a different passion for how and why food inspires them. Together we meld our combined experience and synergistic skills to develop compelling ideas based on a disciplined strategic approach that combines market and consumer research, competitive review, long-term planning and the creative process to foster solutions to both big and small marketing opportunities.

Our Principals, Heidi and Melinda, along with their team and strategic partners, have a breadth and depth of experience and peer network that allows them to offer the scope of services and reach of a full agency, but with the strategic partnership, commitment and passion of a direct employee that understands your specific needs, especially in agriculture, food and fresh produce.

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The Team

“People who love to eat are always the best people.” Julia Child.

Heidi McIntyre
Managing Partner

Heidi has spent her entire career in marketing but found her passion for food while working with the National Watermelon Board. Today, Heidi’s laser focus is honed by 20 years in the produce/food marketing industry.

Heidi’s business acumen allows her to strategically evaluate the market position of every client and identify the market opportunity. Her insight has helped clients evaluate category and market data to launch new products and develop retail campaigns. In fact she is best known for her leadership in building the wildly successful cause marketing campaign Produce for Kids which has raised over $5 million for children’s charities while gaining millions of consumer impressions to help families include more fruits and vegetables in their daily meals.

Heidi was also a founding member of the Southeast Produce Council and she served on the board of both the SEPC and the Texas International Produce Association.

Melinda Goodman
Managing Partner

Melinda didn’t find a passion for agriculture- she was born into it on a ranch in North Dakota and her agriculture pursuits have taken her on marketing and communication jobs in various food industries around the country.

Throughout her career, Melinda has worked in diverse roles including sales, marketing and new business development at commodity boards and grower/shippers. This well-rounded experience has helped Melinda develop a strong understanding of the grower-shipper/retail relationship and how to develop focused programs that drive sales and get to the heart and passion of every business.

Melinda has also leveraged her creativity to conceptualize and expand brand concepts and retail promotions, overseeing the development and implementation of more than 350 new packages, dozens of trade promotions and brand awareness campaigns for a variety of clients, including national brands like Disney, Paula Deen Enterprises, The Biggest Loser and the Sneaky Chef.

Alison Edgar
Project Manager & Director of Social Engagement

Alison found her food passion at home, from a Mom who taught her an appreciation for the family meal. After a start in a non-passionate marketing industry Alison found her way to food and Full Tilt where she is our Project Manager & Director of Social Engagement responsible for managing and developing social media campaigns and strategies, coordinating marketing communications, and managing PR and digital activities. Alison helps tell the stories that make our clients tick while she connects with consumers and influencers around the country to not only educate them on the product they are purchasing, but also on the story and history behind the brand.

Her social media accredidations include being a certified Facebook developer and preferred advertiser, and having completed over 50 hours of Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest marketing and advertising online training while working towards her master social media strategist certification.

Jana Soiseth
Creative Director

Jana’s passion comes from all things in the visual arts and of course her family. From early days in the travel industry to her creative rolls in big agencies tackling big industry, Jana defined her creative style and the importance of brand development and brand strategy that helps us create the visual definition of each of our client stories.

Luke Soiseth
Producer and Editorial Director

As our chief wordsmith – Luke’s passion is words, which makes every food story we tell, more compelling. Luke has a long background in the agency business and has honed his craft, not just as an agency copywriter, but even as a college professor.


In a global world, we believe in a global network and the opportunities created by working together with other passionate providers. Check out our Full Tilt network partners:

Ligature Creative

Passionate about design that clarifies and simplifies the message, Candy strives to provide the best mix of words and graphics for packaging, advertising, product literature and more. Perhaps inspired by her two children, she’s brutally honest and not afraid to challenge instructions if questioning will improve the end result. The strategy has been working for more than 15 years across a wide range of industries, including manufacturing, fresh produce, banking, health care and education. Candy has degrees in Graphic Communications and English from Washington University in St. Louis.

Fruit Dynamics

Specializing in applied science and research in post-harvest evaluation and new product development in fresh produce.

Nielsen Perishables Group

Our source for category data to evaluate sales data, measure performance and identify category insights.

Populus Brands

Specializing in national brand partnerships and licensed promotions.

Product Movers

Activating consumers through budget conscious FSI’s with national media reach.

Our Services


We are a full service agency who has earned a reputation for these core strengths:

Retail Promotional & Merchandising Programs

Brand Management & Image Development, Including Package Design

New Product Ideation & Launch

Influencer Engagement with Bloggers and Dietitians

Our goal is to deliver more than beautiful design. We create compelling ideas to grow business. There’s no reason to create one-off ideas not rooted in a clear market position. A new website or a Facebook page is not a marketing plan, a character on a bag is not a story and a cross-promotion is not category development. These things are tools that should be part of a much larger and well thought out, on brand, and on message strategy.

Even in our business, we have a clear marketing strategy that helps us select the right client partnerships. Experience has taught us to be fussy about the type of projects and clients we choose to work with. We seek clients who have a combination of passion and vision because one without the other rarely leads to true success. This focused intention creates long-term partnerships rooted in respect which ultimately yields results.

We Build

  • Retail Promotions
  • Cause Marketing Campaigns
  • New Product Ideas
  • Compelling Brands
  • Synergistic Partnerships

We Engage

  • Through Targeted Events
  • Category Information

We Influence

  • Retail Buyers
  • Food Influencers
  • Trade and Consumer Media

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Our Process

“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.” –Virgina Woolf

Our Process

“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.” –Virgina Woolf


We have one statement that defines our process and it’s “Strategic Creativity”. We don’t believe in being creative for the sake of just being creative.

We are thinkers first and creatives second. That’s not to imply creativity isn’t important, but we don’t believe you can execute good creative without good strategy.

We will dive into your research and study your competitors to understand the challenges and opportunities that will yield great branding, great packaging or great promotions.

We will ask questions. Possibly a lot of questions.

We will seek to understand your business, your products and your culture.

We overlay your information with our industry intel in consumer research and trends, design knowledge, industry norms, merchandising realities, possible constraints and eye-opening opportunities.

Then we’ll bring in our creatives and together we’ll explore the opportunity.

It’s all about starting at the beginning. Assessing the real needs and completing a strategic marketing evaluation that includes a SWOT assessment and layers in appropriate data and fact finding that sets the foundation for future success.

Our expertise is also our passion that we have honed over time. We need to know you and your business to help you succeed. Our goal is to become your partner – a direct extension of your team. We want to intimately understand your business (the good, the bad and the ugly). When we have a greater understanding of your needs, we can help you solve problems and grow your business.


We believe you choose Full Tilt Marketing because of our passion. Our passion for agriculture, for the industry, for food, for consumer trends, for good design. We believe you choose Full Tilt Marketing, because like you, we believe in doing what’s right. We believe in building relationships that are based in trust and transparency and rooted in mutual respect. We want to like you and we want you to like us. We’ll be honest, there’s nothing good about working with people you don’t like and the work reflects that.

Together let’s meld our combined experience and synergistic skills to develop compelling ideas based on our disciplined strategic creativity that combines market and consumer research, competitive review, long-term planning and the creative process to foster solutions to both big and small marketing opportunities so we can be a part of your success. That’s what we love to do.


“Agriculture is the most healthful, most useful and most noble employment of man.” George Washington

As a full service agency, our portfolio of work and case studies is wide-ranging and diverse, with every client and example being unique. Below are a few examples of what we feel our are specialty genres of work.

Retail Engagement
Because we understand today’s retail environment and have relationships with key retailers around the country, we have the knowledge and experience to implement successful retail promotions. Our retail experience includes developing and managing in-store programs that include retail tests, demos, point-of-sale displays, merchandising, couponing and more.

New Product Development
It’s estimated that more than 90 percent of all new products fail within the first two years of launch – often times within the first several months. We begin with facilitating research and development and then conducting consumer research to develop the go-to-market strategy. But of course the launch strategy must include a great product that is well branded and if need be, innovative in the space. From product ideation, to product research and testing, pricing and package design, we have the skill set to produce results.

Brand Management
Whether you’re building a new brand image, reinventing the current one or even adding brand extensions and new packages, this process requires knowledge of the end goal, careful thought and of course some creativity. We carefully craft the brand that speaks of you.

Influencer Engagement
Creating a venue and telling your story is a critical part of brand success. People connect with other people and bringing people together creates lasting connections. In person or online we help you find opportunities to tell your story.

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Heidi McIntyre
Southeast Office
Managing Partner

Melinda Goodman
Midwest Office
Managing Partner