Our Story

“Food is a universal language, our common ground.”
– James Beard

We’re not your typical marketing agency.

We don’t have a brick and mortar space filled with cubes, whiteboards, unused waiting room furniture and messy conference tables. That’s because we’re virtual with team members located all around the country. Our home offices are equipped with dogs and cats and we have unlimited access to snacks. But that’s not what makes us entirely different – that’s just what makes us efficient and less costly for your bottom line.

What makes us unique is our focus on food and its role in the lifestyle of today’s consumers. We specialize in content management and influencer engagement. Our goal is to amplify the food conversation to promote specialty and fresh food brands.

We combine our passion for food and lifestyle with our knowledge of the power of good storytelling.

Our Principals, Heidi and Melinda, are the yin and yang of our food business. Melinda is from rural North Dakota and having grown up on a farm, she has a first-hand appreciation of how food is grown. From New Jersey, Heidi’s roots are more urban but after working with produce clients over the years she too has cultivated a deep respect for farmers.

Together we have melded our combined experiences and synergistic skills to develop a disciplined strategic approach to content marketing.

We love to share the stories of the individuals behind the brands. That’s because more and more consumers are seeking to connect and understand how or where their food is grown. We can help bridge this gap by developing content-driven experiences that become powerful tools for brands.

Just like great storytelling comes from a place of truth, we believe that great partnerships come from having both passion and vision and that’s what we look for in our clients –because one without the other rarely leads to success. We invest heavily in our client relationships and often view ourselves as an extension of their staff, or in many cases, their offsite marketing department, so we tend to be picky about the clients we choose to work with. This personalized attention creates long-term partnerships rooted in respect and focused on results.

If we sound like your kind of people read more about our individual food stories.

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