#MerryEats Showcases the Power of Amplification

Almost 10 years ago we established some of our first relationships with food bloggers. We shared products, while they did some reviews and hosted Twitter parties. From there, our work evolved into field tours, sponsored posts and spokesperson roles for the variety of brands we represent.

During this time, not only has the general role and face of blogging changed, but so has its power. Today, bloggers, particularly small to mid-size bloggers with 10,000-100,000 followers have become some of the most powerful online influencers capable of impacting purchase behavior.

Today’s consumer looks to bloggers for reviews, recommendations, recipes, tips, savings and general information as one of their leading trusted sources of information—often coming in second only to family and friends. This new “virtual” word-of-mouth marketing creates numerous opportunities for brands to connect with consumers and promote their products.

But working with bloggers isn’t as simple as sending product and having them write about it, just like putting up a Facebook post doesn’t guarantee likes.

In every online format, good content creates more engagement, and making sure your content is timely and relevant is also important. There’s a reason that seasonal recipes and crafts trend on Pinterest – meaningful engagement about meeting your customer where they are.

With that in mind, we connected nine food bloggers and four food brands to promote holiday recipes and entertaining ideas via #MerryEats during the first week of December 2017. Participating brands included T&G Global’s Envy Apples, Jarlsberg Cheese, NatureSweet’s Constellation tomatoes and Rainier Fruit’s organic Bartlett pears.

With daily blog content, Facebook Live, Instagram Stories, valuable giveaways exceeding $750 in prizes and amplified content across all social platforms, the #MerryEats program scored engagement of more than 78,600 views with impressions exceeding 1.2 million, while gaining new fans and followers for the sponsors and opt-in signups to an email mailing address allowing for future remarketing efforts.

During the weeklong event consumers were able to access a variety of unique holiday ideas for appetizers, salads, main dishes, desserts and cocktails featuring the sponsors’ products. The blog posts also included entertaining tips and printable gift tags, place cards, décor and more. In addition to the 78,600 views, the posts received 21,241 likes, 7,051 pins, 2,105 shares and 597 comments.

When possible, recipes incorporated multiple sponsored products to leverage the power of cross-promotion and shared amplification. One food blogger incorporated the Envy Apples #ShowUsYourStocking Instagram campaign with a unique post featuring a stocking stuffer craft project using Envy apples stylized as reindeer along with a jar of homemade caramel sauce.

Visitors to the bloggers’ websites also had the opportunity to register for a chance to win a variety of prize packages valued over $500. In just one week, nearly 3,000 consumers registered for the giveaways and shared opt-in contact information.

These types of content programs become social events that leverage the power of multiple brands and bloggers working together to cross-promote and share content across all social platforms numerous times resulting in AMPLIFICATION. More views, more impressions, more engagement – and for brands, it’s often at less cost than working alone. It makes sense, why wouldn’t you want to band together for greater reach!

This is the new face of social optimization and event based blogging.


Drop us a line at Melinda@fulltiltmarketing.net to let us know how we can help you create an influencer program to meet your content needs.

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