For the second year in a row, we’ve surveyed food bloggers to find out where food trends meet practical daily life. Why?

Food bloggers are on the front lines of the “what’s for dinner” 5pm reality of how food trends play out in practical application. Many of us have probably experienced trendy smoked cocktails, homemade condiments or culinary foam on our restaurant plates, but we’re unlikely to invest our time and resources in specialty equipment or complicated techniques to try these presentations at home. But based on likes, pins, comments and shares, bloggers get firsthand knowledge and detailed feedback about the everyday home cook and their reaction to ingredients, prep time, cook time, recommendations for substitutions and more.

This year, in addition to food trends, we took a deeper dive into meal planning and shopping behaviors in response to this fast-changing marketplace. Overall, we found the results to be quite revealing.

See the survey results for yourself here.

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