Viva Fresh Expo

1. First, competitive research was completed to review the competitive positions of other similar tradeshows and then evaluated for opportunities of unique branding positions and offerings.
2. A focus on upscale and healthy regional food along with technology was used as a starting point – along with the cultural influence of the region to create the Viva Fresh Produce Expo.
3. Unique offerings and heavy media partnerships facilitated broad enthusiasm from sponsors, vendors and buyer participants.
1. A series of communication tools were used to reach out to potential sponsors, vendors and buyers including media partnerships, personal emails, and digital newsletters.
2. A series of high energy videos used in email newsletters and social media also created significantly more impressions than traditional copy could do on it’s own.

The Result: The first year event debuted to sold out crowds and overwhelmingly positive feedback for all aspects of the event including the educational sessions, food choices and meals, as well as networking opportunities.

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